• Acquisition & Program Management for ACAT I Programs (DoD 5000 Expertise)
  • System Analysis, Planning & Optimization
  • Tactical Analysis, Strategic Planning, CONOPS
  • Fleet Operational Experience (Aviation, Submarine, Surface Ship)
  • Advanced Processor Build (APB)
  • System Risk Assessment
  • Multi-Sensor/Multi System Integration
  • Terrestrial to SATCOM
  • C4ISR Operations Requirements Documents, Acquisition Strategy, T&E Master Plans


  • Integrated Common Processor (ICP) Development and Integration
  • Advanced Capability Development; and Performance Field Test and Evaluation
  • Expert in Advanced Passive Acoustic and non-Acoustic Processing
  • Transitions Advanced Technologies to Production Systems
  • Emphasizes Reuse between Submarines, Surface and Surveillance Systems
  • Undersea Warfare Programs for Submarines and Imagining Systems
  • Experts in Commercial Off-the-Shelf Technologies for Navy Sonar Systems
  • Designs, Develops, Produces, Fields and Supports Navy Undersea Systems
  • Programmatic Support for Maritime Surveillance Systems Technologies


  • Network Engineering & Open Architecture Design
  • LAN/MAN/WAN Systems Administration
  • CYBER, Systems & Network Security
  • Information Assurance (IA) Governance
  • Risk Management Framework (RMF)/DIACAP/DIA IA2/CDTAB/DSAWG
  • Open & Services Oriented Architectures
  • Web Portal Design & Administration
  • 24/7/365 Tier 2 & 3 Help Desk Management
  • Software Development


  • Communications/Subject Matters Experts for U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command
  • Budget Financial Management/Program Development/Acquisition Support
  • Test & Evaluation
  • Life Cycle Logistics, Performance Based Logistics, Acquisition & Sustainment Logistics
  • Integrated Logistics Support, Configuration Management
  • BRAC, Budget Development, Joint Basing, Community Partnerships, Strategic Basing
  • Energy Efficiencies/Audits, Environmental Analysis, Housing Privatization
  • Secure Facilities and COMSEC Program Support

CYBER / IA Network & Systems Security / Certification & Accreditation (C&A)

Expert knowledge and track record implementing and maintaining DOD/DON IA security standards. Includes:

  • Active monitoring, monthly security scans and mitigations using ACAS, Retina/NESSUS, and other NAVINTEL/OPNAV N9SP/DIA
  • Tailored requirements to maintain ATO and C&A standards.
  • Develops full RMF packages, site-specific SSPs, SSAAs
  • Representation at Cross-Domain Technical Advisory Board (CDTAB) & DISN Security Accreditation Working Group (DSAWG)
  • Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) IA2 ATO achievement.


Network and Systems Engineering

  • Wide-ranging experience in WAN / MAN / LAN / Wireless solutions. Includes:
    › Design, development, procurement, configuration and installations.
  • We designed turnkey solutions currently fielded at military facilities and on mobile platforms worldwide.


Web Infrastructure Design, Development, Integration and Content Management

  • We provide customer-driven, needs-based design, implementation and administration of corporate and DoD-level web portals (Examples include SharePoint, WordPress, and other platforms)
  • We currently manage and maintain several portals located throughout DoD, DoN and DIA.


Local & Remote Systems Administration

  • Expert knowledge, and well-known experience in LAN / MAN / WAN Management
  • 17 Years experience in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Help Desk implementation and management, METRIC tracking, reporting, and customer training.


Technology Analysis, Deficiency & Solution Identification

  • Technology insertion to enhance business/military operations.
  • Exceptionally adept at assessment of employed technologies; METRIC-based analysis and discovery; deficiency identification and recommendations for technology insertion.


Process Analysis, Workflow Streamlining and Automation, Customer to Developer Liaison and Solution Implementation

  • Broad range of experience in evaluating cradle to grave workflow processes.
  • We identify risks and tasks for technological automation, communicating customer needs to developers.
  • We work together to design, test and implement solutions.


Systems Testing & Evaluation (ST&E)

  • Extensive experience in test plan development and execution.
  • We delivered project specific ST&E, IV&V, IPR and FAT evolutions.
  • Successfully guided our clients through numerous DoD and Navy level Fleet integration evolutions.


End-User Training:

  • We specialize in optimum application usage, train the trainer, operator to operator and management level application training.
  • We excel in technical manual, Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development.

Integrated Logistics

  • Acquisition planning & program office support
  • Installation planning
  • Life cycle support plans and processes
  • Provisioning, supply support, LSA, LORA, FEMECA, RBM, RCM
  • Technical manual development & training – IETM and interactive courseware
  • Life cycle cost estimating (LCCE) & budget development


Configuration Management

  • Development of ECPs, RFDs, RFWs
  • Configuration review boards (CRB) & configuration control

Energy Solutions & Energy Management Services

  • Education and awareness
  • Planning and program development
  • Assessments & audits
  • Conservation & renewable project development
  • “Micro and Smart Grid” technologies
  • Measurement & verification
  • Multiple energy contracting approaches

Community Partnerships

  • Basing, Beddowns, Joint Basing, BRAC
  • Comprehensive strategies, analysis & management plans



  • Planning, assessments, audits, EIS and programming
  • Conservation & renewable energy project development
  • Environmental master planning, NEPA assessments


Family Housing & Privatized Housing

  • Planning, design, and sustainment


Legislative liaison, public media strategies and engagements

Land use planning and asset management

Budget & program development, planning and analysis

Strategic planning, portfolio analysis and consulting services

Fully prepared for your special security and information handling needs

Ballistic Missile Defense Systems

  • C4I joint program management
  • Development and implementation of operations requirements documents
  • Developed acquisition strategy, test and evaluation master plans, and systems development
  • Prepared and generated preliminary and CDR reviews, CDD and AOA


C4ISR and Joint Teleport Generation I, II, III

  • System engineering, program management, and financial planning, analysis & accounting
    › Implemented internal centralized management and control
    › Created FY10 Spend Plan
  • Developed all Teleport Generations I, II, and III acquisition documents to include:
    › Plans for safety & occupational health (PSHE)
    › Systems engineering, information assurance
    › Human system integration, configuration management
  • Implemented Teleport Generation I enhancements
    › Expanded the MILSATCOM terminal at six sites
  • SATCOM gateway improvements included
    › Advanced extremely high frequency extended data rate, X/Ka capacity for six wideband global satellites

Thirty years experience in the design, development, production, fielding and continued program support of Naval undersea systems.

Pioneered Commercial Off-the-Shelf for Navy sonar systems with experience in oversight of technical and managerial disciplines.


Focused efforts on IUSS systems for PMS485

  • Supported advanced development.
  • Devised new approach for IUSS focused advanced development.
  • Developed urgent requirements including Operator Workload Reduction (OWR).
  • Led effort to use virtualization techniques for IUSS processing systems.


Synchronized three programs below in combined common effort called AxB.

  • Advanced Processor Build (APB)
    › Supported Program Executive Officer Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS5) and Program Executive Officer Submarines (PEO SUBS) on the Submarine Sonar Development Advanced Processor Build (APB), Submarine Technology Insertion and Engineering Measurement programs.
    › Provided System Engineering, Integration and Management Support.
  • Integrated Common Processor (ICP)
    › Supported NAVSEA Maritime Surveillance Systems (PMS 485) and Program Executive Officer Submarines (PEO SUBS) program offices.
    › Served as Program Technical Director with technical oversight on common processing efforts
    › Emphasized reuse between submarine, surface and surveillance systems.
  • Surface Advanced Capability Build (ACB)
    › Supported Program Executive Officer Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS5) for the Surface Advanced Capability Build (ACB) program for the Navy’s AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 sonar system
    —  Included Surface Anti-Submarine Warfare Synthetic Trainer (SAST).
    —  Provided System Engineering, Integration and Management Support for Technology Insertion of Advanced Development Capabilities
    —  Emphasized reuse between submarine, surveillance and surface systems.


Experience with undersea warfare system programs including submarine, IUSS and Imaging Systems. Capabilities included low-frequency passive processing, multi-static active processing, STDA, TSM and Training, ILS and CONOPs support.

Commander, Undersea Surveillance (CUS)

  • C4I, system engineering, information technology (IT), cyber warfare security, information assurance (IA)


Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Program Executive Office

  • System engineering and logistics program support for remotely operated unmanned undersea systems and Remote Minehunting System
  • Littoral combat ship mission modules integration
  • Service oriented architecture / modular open system approach (MOSA)
  • Maritime surveillance systems, system engineering, T&E, installation support
  • C4I, cyber warfare, IT, IA
  • Mine warfare CONOPS
  • Design, test, measurement, handling and support equipment
  • Authorized program documents to include System Engineering Plan (SEP) and other program acquisition documents


Team Submarine (PEO SUB) Program Executive Office

  • Financial analysis, budget development, acquisition
  • Logistics, program management, configuration management


Integrated Warfare Systems (IWS) Program Executive Office

  • CONOPS development and systems analysis



  • Budget development, PPBE, JCIDS, operational, security/system engineering, action officers

Naval Maritime Surveillance Systems Technologies – Experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that assess, validate, verify compliance and provide technical recommendations on how to proceed with integration, testing, and formal acceptance throughout all stages of development and fielding.

  • Technical, engineering and operations SME for development and integration for Navy-wide ASW projects.
  • Expert technical coordination for Integrated Common Processor (ICP) system requirements and architecture, system integration, installation, acceptance test planning and programmatic schedules.
  • Delivered legacy systems expertise and support capabilities to migrate to new Integrated Common Processor.


Technical Expert for Integrated Common Processor (ICP) Program Execution

  • Delivered technical, engineering and operation experts for ICP development integration production and delivery both afloat and ashore.
  • Defined computer architecture and computer engineering activities (software and hardware) to transition advanced technologies to production.
  • Completed analysis and trade-off studies of system requirements to translate operational requirement to technical requirements and measure effectiveness of performance
  • Researched and recommended information processing techniques through laboratory evaluations of candidate algorithm improvements in processing acoustic and no-acoustic data for tactical information display, data fusion and tactical scene development


Integrated Common Processor (ICP) Advanced Capability Development

  • Experienced researching and developing advanced passive acoustic and non-acoustic processing and automation algorithms
  • Performed peer group reviews of technical data and completes transition approaches for active technologies as improvements occur
  • Drafted Operator Guideline Manuals for new and improved ICP systems.
  • Supported sea tests for advanced surveillance build


ICP Factory and Field Test and Evaluation

  • Provided on-site support for the Incident Report (IR)/Problem Trouble Report (PTR) process to facilitate ICP integration activities.
  • Provided technical experts to adjudicate and validate IR/PTR corrective actions for ICP SONAR systems

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