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  • Underwater Sensor Engineer (DC, Washington)
    on 02/07/2019 at 00:00

    Senior integration and test engineer for underwater sensor systems and programs. Works across the entire lifecycle of program technology development and acquisition. From requirements definition, system design and implementation, integration, test, installation and demonstration from the laboratory to sea platforms. This work includes hardware and software development. Involves hardware integration, finds issues and resolves them, plans tests and test development/execution/resolution. Must be able to identify and apply best practices with customer and teammate requirements. Will support oversight of equipment configurations, systems operations and maintenance during integration and system tests. ? Experience includes: -underwater sensor technology development, test, implementation and integration -support for design and manufacture of power and data collection systems -participation with Integrated Product Teams and customer reviews -beneficial if experience with IUSS, PEO SUBS or other maritime surveillance systems and other NAVSEA Program Offices -familiarity with Navy programs and PMS 485 -familiarity with the DoD 5000 acquisition program and documents […]

  • IT/Data Analyst Subject Matter Expert (DC, Washington)
    on 02/07/2019 at 00:00

    Duties and Responsibilities: Maintenance of Structured Query Language (SQL) operations Develop Specialized Analysis Tools Requirements Analysis for Acquisition Support Perform Ad-Hoc database queries on legacy GSA GSS systems including PICS, CSC, and FSS19 GSA Executive Reporting, Dashboarding, Requirements Analysis, Advisory Services, Supply Transformation, Supply Chain Management Develop, maintain standards for Salesforce Project; highlighted objectives, strategies […]

  • IT/BPM/SQL Subject Matter Expert (DC, Washington)
    on 02/07/2019 at 00:00

    Duties and Responsibilities: Maintain GS&S Program Dashboards - Develop dynamic dashboards and reports to provide data visualization for GSS business lines Maintenance of Structured Query Language (SQL) operations Develop Specialized Analysis Tools Maintenance and further development of the BOD Reporting Server, an integration of data from various sales systems into a relational database. Other technical consulting activities include architecting and developing solutions to integrate legacy systems with end customer financial systems in support of additional sales channels. Provides strategic and technical consulting with regards to business intelligence within GSS. […]

  • Quality Engineer - PMS525 (DC, Washington)
    on 02/07/2019 at 00:00

    We are looking for a strong quality engineer to support NAVSEA FMS new ship construction: Provide FMS ship construction quality program planning, oversight, and assessment. Determine contractual requirements for ship construction quality attributes and associated shipbuilder metrics. Ensure quality program requirements are disseminated and understood by all stakeholders. Coordinate with SUPSHIP Bath and LMCO/FMM to plan and conduct production quality assurance meetings during Program Reviews, Monthly Production Quality Drumbeats, etc., by managing meeting preparation (prerequisites, entry and exit criteria for review, agendas, attendee requirements, meeting documentation (presentation materials), running meetings, and finalizing action items and meeting minutes). Provide quality assurance pre-briefs to NAVSEA FMS management before Program Reviews and provide summaries of the Monthly Quality Assurance Drumbeats. Collect data from LMCO/FMM Ship Construction Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) deliverables and Government databases to provide analyses of quality data and issues. Prepare presentations of the analysis results. Lead and manage the review team for quality-related LMCO/FMM CDRL deliverables including the shipyard quality assurance plan, the care and protection (C&P) Plan, and the preservation and preventive maintenance (P&PM) plan CDRL submittals. Work with all impacted stakeholders to ensure they are informed of each review?s objectives and coordinate actions from each review. Utilize Technical Support Management (TSM) to monitor SUPSHIP-documented construction discrepancies and create reports and metrics as needed to inform management of shipyard quality performance. Ensure effective communication between technical and non-technical functions for quality-related issues. Keep management informed of key issues and changes that may impact cost or schedule. […]

  • Requirements Analyst - Logistics and Readiness (DC, Washington)
    on 02/07/2019 at 00:00

    Provide analyses and evaluation of Aircrew Systems Planning in support of Navy and Marine Corps fleet aircrew systems and equipment for OPNAV N980L. You shall perform the following: Maintain communications with Navy and Marine fleet Aircrew Systems requirements officers on fleet requirements from a range of sources and types. Provide analysis on annual and ongoing requirements vetting process to support government in ensuring the fleet's top priorities are addressed. Manage process of obtaining required analytical products that support formal requirements documents. Prepares various Joint Capabilities Integration and Development Systems (JCIDS) documents. These documents include concepts of operations, capabilities-based assessments, analysis of alternatives, initial capabilities documents, development documents, capabilities production documents and requirements memorandum. Route draft documents and incorporate salient comments into draft final version. Support the development of the Aircrew Systems (ACS) program in the annual Program Objectives Memorandum process. Work with NAVAIR ACS program office to assist in developing the Program Requirements Review brief including its underlying issue sheets and justification. Provide support to obtain additional total obligation authority funding and/or at government direction, redistribute existing funding to meet fleet aircrew systems capability development priorities. Monitor the Program Budget Information System (PBIS) for changes to ACS lines. Provides assistance to the ACS program office on budget exhibit preparation and reviews submitted budget exhibits for anomalies that could result in undesired marks. Monitor, analyze and report program office execution issues to the resource sponsor, to ensure ACS funds are effectively and efficiently meeting N98 requirements. Attends program office acquisition events and provide support to ensure requirements are understood. Provides guidance and support to program office staff so that they best understand the DoD Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution process. Provide Navy Aircrew Systems subject matter expertise to include strong knowledge of Aviation Life Support Systems, helmet mounted visual systems, aviation chemical biological protective equipment, and survival equipment to support N98 senior staff make decisions on ACS matters. Provide technical writing for the government in responding to TV5 taskers and CIMS taskers from higher offices on topics that may or may not correspond to an acquisition program. Draft the response for government review and final submission. Coordinates with platform requirements office on ACS requirements specific to their aircraft. Support the Requirements Officer during all phases of the JCIDS process by providing analysis and technical writing. […]

  • Aviation Flying Hour Program Assistant Requirements Officer (DC, Washington)
    on 02/07/2019 at 00:00

    The contractor shall provide evaluations of accounting and budgetary analyses of Flying Hour Program (FHP), as well as support the FHP Requirements Officer (RO) in the management and coordination of all Naval aviation readiness programming. Programming will consist of all funding related to N98 Aviation Operations and Maintenance, Navy (O&M,N) and Operations and maintenance, Navy Reserve (O&M,NR) fiscal resources in support of the Flying Hour Program, and will serve as a single, independent point of guidance during the monitoring and managing of the Flying Hour Program in Logistic and Readiness branch, OPNAV N980L. The contractor shall perform the following as identified in this task order: Requirements Development: Assist the Aviation Flying Hour Program Requirements Officer to coordinate, build, and integrate the major elements of the Naval Aviation Flying Hour Program, producing a balanced and executable program, and provide continuity for the long range programs, date systems and historical files which are vital to the effectiveness of the program. Advise assist and make recommendations to the Government on: FHP requirements; FHP budget versions and the support and justification of FHP during the budget development. Support the Aviation Flying Hour Program Requirements Officer by defining requirements of new or modified programs which evolve from varying issues as diverse as congressional requests for increased detail on specific segments of budgets/programs, limitation of resource usage, budgetary curtailment, etc. Liaison: Collaborate and coordinate with NAVSEALOG, CNAF, CNAFR, CNAL/CNAP, USFF, and HQMC in order to provide analysis which will assist the N980L set requirements. Resolve software implementation issues and conflicts between the budget building processes, customer and user availability, and the Flying Hour Projection System (FHPS) availability. Develop and provide training on the FHPS to include data extraction and Cost Adjustment Sheet (CAS) model usage. Brief internal and external leadership on the capabilities of the FHPS model as required. Coordinate data exchange between FHPS, Aircraft Planning Data File, Flying Hour Requirement Model (FHRM) and USMC Core Competency Requirement Model (CCRM); analyze and resolve any discrepancies. Assist Government contact with OPNAV Branches/Divisions, FMB, HQMC, NAVAIRSYSCOM, NAVICP, Fleet and TYCOM headquarters, and various outside agencies on matters related to the Flying Hour Program. Advise, assist and make recommendations to the Government on FHP matters in meetings, conferences and working groups. Assist Government with staff coordination and provide analysis of matters related to procurement and composition of data used in the development of O&M,N and O&M, NR programs. Provide technical guidance to staff members on matters related to FHPS and FHRM data and its significance. Advise, assist and make recommendations to the Government during the annual Flying Hour Conference; provide analysis of requests for changes to flight hour and budgetary requirements submitted by Fleet Commanders and Major Claimants. Through analysis and technical writing, assist N98L in constructing the OP-20 Flying Hour Cost Exhibit during the annual budget cycle, for use in the Congressional Budget Submission. Advise, assist and make recommendations to the Government on Aviation Program Factors which are used to forecast the FHP and related costs of Navy and Marine aircraft, including the Reserve component, in the Flying Hour Projection System. These programs will become the base for implementing directives, logistics schedules, budgetary and procurement actions and various other actions required to convert a plan into reality. This plan becomes the vehicle upon which implementation of the aviation FHP is based. In accordance with this plan, NAVAIR and NAVSUP WSS establish fiscal requirements, repair workload, procurement and delivery schedules of spare parts and engines. The findings of these analytical proceedings are of major significance to top Navy authorities and administrators and serve as bases for new policies, procedure and systems. Programming/Budget Execution: Articulate program risk to leadership and analyze potential funding, strategy, policy and doctrine courses of action, in order to best meet readiness goals. Provide analysis to leadership and stakeholders on the impacts of unfunded requirements. Through technical writing and analysis, assist N98L respond to requests for information pertaining to aviation operations or maintenance, from organizations such as FMB, DNS, and OSD. Proved analysis to N980L on major flight hour allocation and budgetary decisions. Coordinate with Major Claimants, CAN, NCCA, DoN and DoD representatives on all matters concerning FHP. Us the Program and Budget Information System (PBIS), the Flying Hour Projection System (FHPS), the Flying Hour Resources Model (FHRM), and the USMC Core Competency Requirements Model (CCRM). The contractor must be able to act as the Subject Matter Expert on these systems and models. Subject Matter Expert: Brief leadership on current year execution and the potential residual impacts of current year decisions effect on future year requirements. Maintain functional control of, with Government oversight, the automated Flying Hour Projection System (FHPS) model and database liaising with stakeholders to ensure accurate data is available in the FHPS and provide guidance to N98 in updating the FHPS by analyzing actions for enhancing the quality of data managed by that system. Analyze how FHPS data might functionally be better arrayed and managed. Identify and analyze improvements and modifications to FHPS to meet Fleet Readiness requirements. As a subject matter expert, provide technical assistance for the personnel assigned to the FHP by ensuring the FHP personnel have the training, tools, and resources necessary to succeed at assigned tasks. Plan and conduct a continuous analytical program of flying hours and related costs and other aviation programs to evaluate soundness of plan, effective use of resources, utilization of sound management principles and the accuracy of the databases. This analytical review should include an analysis of the cause and effect or departures from, and deficiencies in, the plan and its execution; the cost effectiveness of each action; the impact of the plan?s execution upon other Navy and Marine Corps wide programs including the Weapons Systems Planning Document (WSPD); the Aircraft Program Data File (APDF); the Congressional Submits (OP-2); the Defense Readiness Reporting System ? Navy (DRRS-N); and the overall aircraft readiness posture of the Fleet. The contractor shall provide analysis of remedial or preventive action that the Government will provide to FMB, Fleet Comptrollers, HQMC, TYCOMs, NAVAIR, or OSD. The contractor shall provide analysis of changes to the FHRM or the FHPS as necessary. Analyze methods to secure required analytical data by drafting, implementing and maintaining OPNAVINST 7310.1 series (Report of Flying Hour and Related Costs). Also assist with the development of systems to process such data, and the design of the format for presentation and/or other use. The contractor will use technical knowledge of the structure of the DoN, Naval Aviation mission, information systems requirements, aviation staff procedures and management principles in the performance of these duties. The contractor will be responsible for content and maintenance of data files, both historical and planned, and will serve as manager in this area. The contractor will ensure Program and Budget System (PBIS) database is accurately updated for the FHP; will monitor PBIS for issues that impact aviation and the FHP and analyze these program impacts to provide information to the Aviation FHP RO. Develop presentations, for Government review and approval, to Flag boards, FMB, N98, TYCOMS, and various other organizations. […]

  • Technical Advisor - CUS (VA, Virginia Beach)
    on 02/07/2019 at 00:00

    The Technical Advisor to the Commander Undersea Surveillance (CUS) staff must have an in-depth knowledge of existing and emergent processing and display technologies and their abilities to meet mission requirements. Candidates must be able to: Identify and evaluate processing and display technologies (existing and emergent) internal and external to the IUSS community in active and passive signal processing, automation, situational awareness, contact management, localization and tracking, reporting, communications, satellite and terrestrial bandwidth management, operator-machine interface (OMI), training, and sensor performance prediction that would allow IUSS processing systems to more efficiently and effectively meet current and future undersea warfare processing requirements. Assess, identify and evaluate the ability of IUSS sensor systems (including but not limited to its fixed, mobile, and deployable sensors) to meet existing and emergent mission requirements. Assist the CUS staff by working IUSS near-term development issues for new processing and display systems and life cycle maintenance issues for legacy operational processing systems including the prioritization of proposed system changes, participation in pre-delivery testing, and post-installation evaluation of processing systems performance. Assist the CUS staff by identifying and defining IUSS mission and processing requirements (existing and emergent) during budgetary review and system development evolutions that permit better understanding of the stated requirements by government decision-makers. […]

  • Software QA - Aegis COMBATTS21 (DC, Washington)
    on 02/07/2019 at 00:00

    Responsible for the implementation of a software quality assurance program in support of complex software products and services. Establishes software quality standards for life cycle, documentation, development methods, testing and maintenance. Specifies functional and non-functional software requirements. Establishes quantitative measurements and techniques for measuring software quality. Establishes software test standards and methods. Conducts software tests and diagnostics of a complex nature. Reviews and evaluates software products and services for adherence to government directives, standards and guidelines concerning software quality assurance. May work with development programmers in the development of software. Makes recommendations regarding purchase of new software; may provide work leadership for lower level employees. Excludes those with full supervisory responsibilities. Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, a related field or equivalent experience. Eight years related experience in government software development, quality assurance and testing. […]

  • Order Management Service (OMS) Analyst (DC, Washington)
    on 02/07/2019 at 00:00

    Duties and Responsibilities: Order Management Service (OMS) Testing support, process mapping, and governance documentation Support OMS initiative modernizing the GSS supply chain […]

  • Systems Engineer - Senior (CA, San Diego)
    on 02/11/2019 at 00:00

    Develops and applies advanced software/systems methods, theories and research techniques in the investigation and solution of complex and advanced technical problems. May plan, conduct and technically direct projects or major phases of significant projects, coordinating the efforts of technical support staff in the performance of assigned projects. Analyzes, evaluates and plans method of approach and organizes means to achieve solution of complex technical problems. Conducts investgations and tests of considerable complexity. Reviews literature, patents and current practices relevant to the the solution of assigned projects. Reviews projects progress and evaluate results. Recommends corrections in technical applications and analysis. Specifies materials, equipment and supplies required for completion and implementation of technical projects. Evaluates vendor capabilities to provide required products or services. May provide technical consultataion to technical staff or other organizations. […]

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