Empowering Innovative, Comprehensive Solutions Through Engineering & Technology

STARGATES is an engineering and technology company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

With decades of experience and expertise within the acquisition, research, and development community for ACAT 1 programs, we ensure our clients achieve their most difficult resource, delivery, and mission goals through a collaborative, standardized, repeatable, and integrated approach.

STARGATES prides itself on an enduring track record to develop and retain a motivated, competent, and effective employee workforce that is a true enabler to all our clients’ success. As a Small Business, we provide a proven process and set of criteria to the services we provide and programs we support

STARGATES ensures favorable results to achieve your goals and mission requirements.


“Without hesitation, you took the initiative and executed complex action plans that will ultimately contribute to the delivery of a game-changing mine-hunting capability to the fleet.”

“Your superior insight and willingness to exchange information contributed greatly to my team’s effort in searching for innovative Counter IED technologies.”

“Your professionalism and dedication to the mission provide an excellent example of the high quality of talent that STARGATES brings to this program.”

“Your knowledge of mine countermeasures developmental test procedures and operational test preparations helped the Navy take a critical step towards fielding an evolutionary improvement in the way mine countermeasures tactics, techniques, and procedures will be implemented in the future.”

“You are an invaluable asset as we continue to meet the daily challenges of the acquisition process within the ever-shrinking federal budget.”


STARGATES was named to The Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Fantastic 50 list of the fastest growing companies in the state four years out of the last 10. We’re a company seeking outstanding, creative individuals with military or related contractor experience with fresh, innovative ideas.

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